Warning. This guide is not for internet newbies. If you don’t have a basic understanding of how to use keywords with Google or really have no idea what you’re doing on Twitter, start here instead:

If you’re literally new to Twitter.   / /   If you want to learn about Twitter etiquette. 


It allows you to directly connect to, well, anybody in the world.

What do you do with this power? The importance of this is NOT to see what Ashton Kutcher had for lunch, or how Tyler the Creator feels about Tim Tebow. Yes, these anecdotes can be entertaining, and I do follow people purely for comic relief, but the real meat of my Twitter stream is cutting-edge information-sharing about design, sustainability, technology, and business.

The key is that you can directly connect with the REAL industry trendsetters, and the people who are laying the foundations for the future. The 20-somethings that are working hard on the next big thing, the 30-somethings who publish open-source books on how to learn and master the most useful javascript patterns.

I’m going to explain to you how to find the types of people you care about following, en-masse, so that your Twitter feed becomes an endless source of knowledge. So, without further ado:

Step 1: Do a Google Search

Start off by using what’s already out there. “Designers to follow” “Engineers to follow” “Creative writers to follow” are all search entries that will yield plenty of results. You will find lists of Twitter users who are deemed ‘essential’ to follow by bloggers, industry organizations, and established industry professionals.

Step 2: Open Tabs & Prepare to Browse

Take these lists and bookmark them. Get a cup of coffee. Stretch your wrists.

Step 3: Dig, Dig, Dig

Do NOT go through these lists following everyone. But rather , spend a few minutes on each listed user, browsing their tweets looking for other users they engage with. This means digging a little bit and taking the time to see who’s talking about the latest and greatest things. Eventually you will find clusters of interconnected of professionals who operate within your niche, or a niche that is of importance to you.

Good Luck & Happy following! Check out the Infographic!