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Logo created for Swamp Bowl: the Silver Anniversary at the University of Florida. The tournament is the  largest flag football competition the region has to offer. Divisions offered include Men’s, Women’s, and Co-Rec. Championship teams receive a trophy, t-shirt, and paid entry into the National Championships. Thirty teams from throughout the Southeast and surrounding regions competed in three divisions going on to play in the National Championship Title Game. This logo was created over the course of June and July for the Division of Recreational Sports at the University of Florida. Collateral marketing material includes: t-shirts (embroidered/silk screened), footballs, flags, pamphlets, official’s rulebook, signage and name tags.


I just began interning for the Office of Sustainability at the University of Florida with the intent to create a cohesive, visually-dynamic edge to the department. One project I am currently working on is creating the identity for the Adopt-a-“Swamp” campaign. The goal is for organizations in the student community to “adopt” an environmental area and maintain it (removing trash, etc.). What is posted here is the first draft of the potential logo.

Don’t forget to appreciate your Mom(s) this week! Due to work I had to celebrate a tad early, but I think she enjoyed her gifts all the same.
Xoxo to all the great mom’s out there and mine!

Mono Malo Branding  |  Adobe Illustrator  |  2011  |  12FL OZ

Mono Malo, meaning “Bad Monkey” in Spanish, wanted fresh branding for their upcoming beverage distribution. Each bottle is shaped recognizably to the
associated fruit-flavor to create a unique experience visually and through touch. The logo works together, as well as seperately, on the packaging the monkey-
aesthetic is on the cap while the text-based portion appears above the flavor.

Logo in use for the site Gville.Net. The website is the home domain for a series of blogs associated with different aspects of what Gainesville has to offer. To keep the text-based layout modern and uncluttered the logo symbolically represents a network through the molecular “G,” allowing it to also be used as a watermark for associated branding, pictures, and videos.

Sculpture composed through layers of gears, creating a monumental clock. The quote on the arms state a quote from Herbert Hoover, “About the time we make ends meet, somebody moves the ends,” quoted during the Great Depression. The hands point towards 5 o’ clock addressing the 9:5 jobs, currently suffering in the economy. Despite these hard time workers continue on day after day, with the aspiration that one day their slice of the elusive American Dream will become a reality.

Toying with layers, shapes, and conflicting font types to create a cohesive piece. Go Gators.

Go Gators Logo

My first book sleeve design in Fall 2009’s Typography studio – seen below.

‘Ello everyone,
The name’s Blake, pleasure to meet & work with you. Having the summer blues of cashiering & beach failed to inspire new ideas and concepts, so I’ve spent my summer reworking old pieces, branching out from where those have evolved. The piece I am sharing is a sleeve for a thriller/dark humor novel. Originally a sequel to a previously designed book sleeve, the stylistic differences have persuaded me to portray this piece independently. I aim to design two other sleeves complimentary to this and have a trilogy display. Feedback loved.

Love, love, love.