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‘Almost Flat’ design is officially all the rage. But how close to flat do your UI elements have to stay to be considered ‘Almost Flat’?

About 2-8% away from flat.

I’m not going to go into the benefits of Almost Flat, but rather show my preferred method to creating almost flat assets.

Start with a flat shape of your desired color and create a duplicate shape on top. Set the duplicate shape color to white, the blend mode to multiply, and then add a gradient overlay in the blend options. Adjust the opacity to between 2 and 8 percent, and voila! Behold your gorgeous subtle gradient.


Another element that can be included is a subtle shadow. Shadows are used to reduce confusion when you have overlapping elements or want to create an ever-so-subtle ‘pop’ on a specific element.

Remember, it’s an ‘Almost’ shadow. Turn that opacity way down, try %20 to start. Check out the difference in shadow blur: with 2px offset, no blur produces a sharp look and a 6px blur adds subtle depth to your design.

Possible Shadows on Almost Flat Buttons

Boom shakalaka. That flat shape is now ‘Almost Flat’. Pat yourself on the back for joining the movement.

Download the PSD used in these screenshots here!

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After stumbling upon a Viktor Hertz pictogram poster, I decided to make one of my own. It’s a bit reflective of my mood as of late, but nothing cheers you up like design, right?

No Sunshine

Logo created for Swamp Bowl: the Silver Anniversary at the University of Florida. The tournament is the  largest flag football competition the region has to offer. Divisions offered include Men’s, Women’s, and Co-Rec. Championship teams receive a trophy, t-shirt, and paid entry into the National Championships. Thirty teams from throughout the Southeast and surrounding regions competed in three divisions going on to play in the National Championship Title Game. This logo was created over the course of June and July for the Division of Recreational Sports at the University of Florida. Collateral marketing material includes: t-shirts (embroidered/silk screened), footballs, flags, pamphlets, official’s rulebook, signage and name tags.

This idea came to me on a sleepless night (one of the many I’ve been having lately). I’m kind of a Stumbleupon addict at the moment and I tend to post what I find on my Tumblr. Because of this co-dependent relationship between the two sites, I decided to combine the two. Literally. These are two quick logo combinations that I thought were amusing. 

Truth be told, I’m tired of girls going on about how all guys are assholes. They claim to want the nice guy, then go out and date another fist-pumping douchebag. Rinse, lather, repeat.  I figure if I brand this on my body somewhere, maybe the ladies will realize the error of their ways and start practicing what they preach.

So say hello!

Sometimes I enjoy walking about campus during the day, for no particular reason. It’s nice to enjoy the weather and just look at people. I wonder what they’re all doing. I know that I’m doing nothing, just exploring my world. It’s like I’ve got a little secret.

My walk being relatively inconclusive, I later felt the urge to expand beyond my daily designing and do some pro-bono work. While the new Twitter layout improves Twitter’s functionality, it allows for much less design space- hardly over 100 pixels. Total lamesauce if you ask me. Regardless, this design will look great when implemented.

Click for full size.

Oh yeah, and here’s my design of the day.