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Walter Luthorberg

Just my showing my excitement on the epic news of Bryan Cranston (hopefully) being cast as Lex Luthor in the next Man of Steel


‘Almost Flat’ design is officially all the rage. But how close to flat do your UI elements have to stay to be considered ‘Almost Flat’?

About 2-8% away from flat.

I’m not going to go into theĀ benefitsĀ of Almost Flat, but rather show my preferred method to creating almost flat assets.

Start with a flat shape of your desired color and create a duplicate shape on top. Set the duplicate shape color to white, the blend mode to multiply, and then add a gradient overlay in the blend options. Adjust the opacity to between 2 and 8 percent, and voila! Behold your gorgeous subtle gradient.


Another element that can be included is a subtle shadow. Shadows are used to reduce confusion when you have overlapping elements or want to create an ever-so-subtle ‘pop’ on a specific element.

Remember, it’s an ‘Almost’ shadow. Turn that opacity way down, try %20 to start. Check out the difference in shadow blur: with 2px offset, no blur produces a sharp look and a 6px blur adds subtle depth to your design.

Possible Shadows on Almost Flat Buttons

Boom shakalaka. That flat shape is now ‘Almost Flat’. Pat yourself on the back for joining the movement.

Download the PSD used in these screenshots here!

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I do. Well, not really, but I feel like I invoked one during this project. For those of you who don’t know what that means or who the subject matter is, you need to watch Dexter on showtime. It really is a great show. In order to quell my desire for the upcoming sixth season, I decided to digitally paint the enlightened serial killer. I’m debating on whether to make a tutorial on how to do this, it really depends on how people respond to it. Enjoy!