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Walter Luthorberg

Just my showing my excitement on the epic news of Bryan Cranston (hopefully) being cast as Lex Luthor in the next Man of Steel



Well, they’ve finally done it.

Adobe has gone about making the change from being able to purchase software upgrades at one’s convenience to having to pay a monthly subscription to be able to use the programs. Development of the next iteration of the Creative Suite has been cancelled in lieu of this new cloud-based subscription model, which is sure to upset many.

Allow me to explain.

The common equivalent would be owning a house and the bank saying, “Well, we know you’ve already bought it, but how would you like to rent your house instead?” It’s outrageous.

Adobe claims that this will allow them to more easily implement updates to the software and prevent piracy. But it also makes those of us who didn’t feel the need to purchase every new iteration of the product (unlike certain smartphone enthusiasts) forced to do so.

The move wouldn’t be as heinous if there were another real alternative to the Creative Suite. There are other text editors to replace Dreamweaver (Aptana, Sublime Text), but what of Photoshop? And Illustrator? Sure, there are programs such as GIMP or Krita, but, honestly, I hadn’t heard of them before a cursory Google search.

Even though the monthly fee isn’t that steep (yet), what’s to keep Adobe from raising the price whenever they were so inclined? The change also allows them to decrease their efforts on each of the following updates/iterations. Gone are the days where they would have to make significant improvements to the software as a purchase point.

It also means that access to your ACS files is always dependent on your payment for that month. If you miss one month’s dues, all of your files exclusive to those programs (PSD,EPS,INDD, etc) will be rendered useless until payment has been resumed (most likely with an additional late-payment fee).

It’s not too late!

This subscription-based access hasn’t been enacted yet, but it appears that the event horizon is fast approaching. CS6 will be the last purchase-to-own version of the Adobe Creative Suite before switching over to their new business model.

A difference can be made! Sign the petition linked below and we can influence the change!

Adobe Anti-Subscription Petition

Thanks to Stephanie Cunningham for posting the rant that I shamelessly regurgitated for this blog post.

Movember Commemoration

In commemoration of all of the mustaches lost last November.

Okay, so after a long hiatus, I’m back. I’m getting settled into my job I started after graduation. A few weeks ago, I saw the quote, “Amateurs made the ark, professionals made the titanic.” I found that amusing, so I decided to break the quote and use it in a two-part, typographic exercise.

I attempted to use the typefaces as well as the color scheme to convey not only the materials used in each boat, but the circumstances in which they floated. The straight, slab-serifs and brown earthy colors relates to the rough wood used to build the ark. The script and sans-serif refer to the more modern era in which the titanic existed, while the blue color relates to the iceberg and the ocean in which the ship sank.



I just began interning for the Office of Sustainability at the University of Florida with the intent to create a cohesive, visually-dynamic edge to the department. One project I am currently working on is creating the identity for the Adopt-a-“Swamp” campaign. The goal is for organizations in the student community to “adopt” an environmental area and maintain it (removing trash, etc.). What is posted here is the first draft of the potential logo.

Don’t forget to appreciate your Mom(s) this week! Due to work I had to celebrate a tad early, but I think she enjoyed her gifts all the same.
Xoxo to all the great mom’s out there and mine!

I haven’t exactly posted on here in a while, so here’s a little cartoon I cooked up. Not exactly how it happened, but it’s all gravy.

Click for a full view.

Mono Malo Branding  |  Adobe Illustrator  |  2011  |  12FL OZ

Mono Malo, meaning “Bad Monkey” in Spanish, wanted fresh branding for their upcoming beverage distribution. Each bottle is shaped recognizably to the
associated fruit-flavor to create a unique experience visually and through touch. The logo works together, as well as seperately, on the packaging the monkey-
aesthetic is on the cap while the text-based portion appears above the flavor.

Logo in use for the site Gville.Net. The website is the home domain for a series of blogs associated with different aspects of what Gainesville has to offer. To keep the text-based layout modern and uncluttered the logo symbolically represents a network through the molecular “G,” allowing it to also be used as a watermark for associated branding, pictures, and videos.

I’m back again. I should start getting on here more often. Anyway, whenever I get the chance, I enjoy reading Cyanide and Happiness comics. If you haven’t checked them out, you really should. I’ve had a couple of (hopefully) amusing ideas brewing in my head lately, so I decided to try my hand at making a comic, a la C&H. Enjoy.