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PlaceIt by Breezi allows you to drag and drop screenshots into their photographic templates and instantly create beautiful product photographs of your app, website, or design. Ever wanted to make images like this:

—or like this?


With PlaceIt, you can. Just take your pixel-perfect mock-up screenshots and drop them into the template of your choice. It’s so simple. Give it a try today.

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For the past 9 months I’ve been working at Feathr, a startup in Gainesville, FL. We’re working on changing the way people exchange contact information, bringing personal and professional networking into the digital age. Imagine digital business cards that automatically sync to your email contacts, address book, allow you to automatically follow-up with people you meet, and live-update in real time. This is what we’re building with Feathr.

Feathr: Simply Better Networking

The first thing you notice about Feathr is the beautiful user interface. Check out our video at

We’ve built the initial version with PhoneGap to get a proof of concept and build users. Right now we’re in the home stretch of a crowd-funding campaign that will allow us to continue bootstrapping and finish the Android and iOS native rewrites of the app.

It’s an exciting time to be building something cool. If you believe we’re onto the future of networking, then help us spread the word! Share our crowd-funding campaign and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates!