After stumbling upon a Viktor Hertz pictogram poster, I decided to make one of my own. It’s a bit reflective of my mood as of late, but nothing cheers you up like design, right?

No Sunshine


Ever have a grand idea for an app or navigation scheme but just couldn’t get the point across?

Say goodbye to the days of having to painstakingly explain your app to the visually/spatially challenged.

POP, or Prototype on Paper, is an amazing tool that you can download and use for free that allows you to link wireframes (or high fidelity mockups) together into a navigable ‘faux-app’.

Here I have mapped the tappable areas of my sketch to link to other views. You can literally mock up an entire navigation using this tool.

Here I have mapped the tappable areas of my sketch to link to other views. You can literally mock up an entire navigation using this tool.

POP stresses using photos of wireframes to create your mock apps — but what if you used high-fidelity mock ups created in photoshop instead? This takes making ideas visible to the next level.

Be sure to pick up your FREE version of POP from the App Store, and hurry— because they’re giving away 10 projects for free in exchange for a tweet while they develop their pricing model!

Happy prototyping 🙂


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Movember Commemoration

In commemoration of all of the mustaches lost last November.

Time Magazine’s UX needs a serious overhaul. I received a push notification on my 3rd gen iPad from Time prompting me to check out their latest issue. Intrigued by the headlines, I swiped the notification, and was greeted with this alert:


After hitting OK, I landed on the following page, where Time expected me to buy the issue for $4.99. The only alternative was to ‘preview’ an issue, which merely displayed the table of contents.

Time Magazine for $4.99

Worst of all... no retina images.But worst of all, none of their images were set up for the retina display. I had to shuffle through pages of blurry photos and icons to see that the information I came for wasn’t there. The entire experience was frustrating and ultimately a letdown. Time interrupted my evening. The least they could have done was let me read the article for free. Teasing and “Buy now for $4.99” is no way to win my business.

Deleting Time Magazine

Okay, so after a long hiatus, I’m back. I’m getting settled into my job I started after graduation. A few weeks ago, I saw the quote, “Amateurs made the ark, professionals made the titanic.” I found that amusing, so I decided to break the quote and use it in a two-part, typographic exercise.

I attempted to use the typefaces as well as the color scheme to convey not only the materials used in each boat, but the circumstances in which they floated. The straight, slab-serifs and brown earthy colors relates to the rough wood used to build the ark. The script and sans-serif refer to the more modern era in which the titanic existed, while the blue color relates to the iceberg and the ocean in which the ship sank.



Logo created for Swamp Bowl: the Silver Anniversary at the University of Florida. The tournament is the  largest flag football competition the region has to offer. Divisions offered include Men’s, Women’s, and Co-Rec. Championship teams receive a trophy, t-shirt, and paid entry into the National Championships. Thirty teams from throughout the Southeast and surrounding regions competed in three divisions going on to play in the National Championship Title Game. This logo was created over the course of June and July for the Division of Recreational Sports at the University of Florida. Collateral marketing material includes: t-shirts (embroidered/silk screened), footballs, flags, pamphlets, official’s rulebook, signage and name tags.

For the past 9 months I’ve been working at Feathr, a startup in Gainesville, FL. We’re working on changing the way people exchange contact information, bringing personal and professional networking into the digital age. Imagine digital business cards that automatically sync to your email contacts, address book, allow you to automatically follow-up with people you meet, and live-update in real time. This is what we’re building with Feathr.

Feathr: Simply Better Networking

The first thing you notice about Feathr is the beautiful user interface. Check out our video at

We’ve built the initial version with PhoneGap to get a proof of concept and build users. Right now we’re in the home stretch of a crowd-funding campaign that will allow us to continue bootstrapping and finish the Android and iOS native rewrites of the app.

It’s an exciting time to be building something cool. If you believe we’re onto the future of networking, then help us spread the word! Share our crowd-funding campaign and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates!

So you wanna learn some web skills? Think you got what it takes? Good, because all it REALLY takes is patience, and practice. Let’s get started.

Be Social. Use Social Media or fall behind.

This is really step 0.5. If you aren’t following the experts in your field, start there. By following designers, developers, firms, and organizations, you can stay on the cutting edge of what’s happening, what’s hated, what’s hot… basically what the movers and shakers of the web world are up to.

Here’s a list to follow to get you started. (mostly resources, downloads, articles)

Here’s a list of Behance’s “creatives to watch.” (mostly designers’ personal twitters)

Use Resources. Don’t re-invent the wheel if you don’t have to.

There are hundreds of thousands of free, open-source resources available on the internet for you to download, learn from, and make your own. Google is a good first bet for any web-design question, but after a while you get the hang of where to look. For starters, bookmark the following tools/resources I use on the regular:

Keep Learning. Weather you’re gaining knowledge or practicing skills, keep leveling up. Resting on your laurels is a wicked bad mistake, yo.

Read blogs for breakfast, and image galleries for dessert. Knowledge is power. Keep your mind sharp and your subconscious swimming with beautiful and original work.

News & Opinions:

Typography & Art:

UI/Web/App Inspiration:

Stay Passionate. Believe in yourself & be a rockstar.

It can be intimidating, especially when you’re aware of the vast amount of knowledge and skill you don’t possess. But if you keep calm, utilize your resources, pay attention to trendsetters, keep your finger to the pulse of the scene, never stop learning, and don’t give up — I can guarantee you’ll be a pro in no-time.

Now that we’ve gone over that — let’s make some stuff. To start, open these tabs:

Thanks for following along, I hope this was as much fun for you as it was for me! ♥


Warning. This guide is not for internet newbies. If you don’t have a basic understanding of how to use keywords with Google or really have no idea what you’re doing on Twitter, start here instead:

If you’re literally new to Twitter.   / /   If you want to learn about Twitter etiquette. 


It allows you to directly connect to, well, anybody in the world.

What do you do with this power? The importance of this is NOT to see what Ashton Kutcher had for lunch, or how Tyler the Creator feels about Tim Tebow. Yes, these anecdotes can be entertaining, and I do follow people purely for comic relief, but the real meat of my Twitter stream is cutting-edge information-sharing about design, sustainability, technology, and business.

The key is that you can directly connect with the REAL industry trendsetters, and the people who are laying the foundations for the future. The 20-somethings that are working hard on the next big thing, the 30-somethings who publish open-source books on how to learn and master the most useful javascript patterns.

I’m going to explain to you how to find the types of people you care about following, en-masse, so that your Twitter feed becomes an endless source of knowledge. So, without further ado:

Step 1: Do a Google Search

Start off by using what’s already out there. “Designers to follow” “Engineers to follow” “Creative writers to follow” are all search entries that will yield plenty of results. You will find lists of Twitter users who are deemed ‘essential’ to follow by bloggers, industry organizations, and established industry professionals.

Step 2: Open Tabs & Prepare to Browse

Take these lists and bookmark them. Get a cup of coffee. Stretch your wrists.

Step 3: Dig, Dig, Dig

Do NOT go through these lists following everyone. But rather , spend a few minutes on each listed user, browsing their tweets looking for other users they engage with. This means digging a little bit and taking the time to see who’s talking about the latest and greatest things. Eventually you will find clusters of interconnected of professionals who operate within your niche, or a niche that is of importance to you.

Good Luck & Happy following! Check out the Infographic!


What is instagram?

Instagram is an amazing photo community consisting entirely of iPhone photographers.

I downloaded Instagram when my friend told me about it several months ago. I was instantly hooked. Not only does it provide a cloud to save and keep track of all your fun, quirky photos, but there are tons of users that you can ‘follow’ so that their photos appear in your home feed.

The UI for Instagram's stream.

Instagram allows you to easily put filters on them that bring out the personality of the photo. The beauty here is that the blandness normally resulting from camera phones is now a non-issue. You can quickly slap a colorful or high contrast filter on a photo so that it emulates real life!

But what’s best of all is that Instagram allows for EASY platform integration. When I take a photo, it is posted to my Tumblr blog, my Twitter, AND my Facebook immediately, allowing me to share events, news, or exciting finds real time across all my social media platforms. (I wonder how long it’s going to take them to add Google+?)

"It's a beautiful day for a Pool Party @TheEstates! Come hang out! #swag #weekend" an appropriate tweet accompanying this photo.

I use Instagram nearly every day- and dozens of times throughout the day on the weekends and on vacation. To check out photos from my recent trip to New York (and the rest of my Instagrams) follow me on Instagram @willnewton or check out my blog’s Instagram tag feed!

So the next time somebody asks you about Instagram remember everyone, it’s more than just a photo app.

Download Instagram here: (try putting it in your phone’s browser!)